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[Info] How to add images to your post

As our rule state we do not host images locally on this server, we have a feature where you can directly upload your images to a 3rd party image hosting website and once uploaded it will automatically add the images to your post. 

Please see the steps below which only requires a couple of steps. 

1. Post all the necessary information about your sale
2. Once you are ready to post images, place the cursor where you want the images to be placed in your post
3. Click on the e"Add image to post" button (Like below)
[Image: postimage01.png]
4. After click the button, a popup should come up (like below). All you have to do is to drag the photos to the popup screen and click on upload.

[Image: postimage02.png]
5. Once the images has been uploaded, a clickable thumbnail should be added to your post automatically

**NOTE** You can click on the "Add image to post" button every time you want to upload an image. You don't have to upload everything all at the same time. LIke for my example above I uploaded the image where I want them to show up.

If you already have the image uploaded somewhere else then you can use the insert image bb code from the options above (like below). Do not forget to change the image size to 640x480

[Image: postimage03.png]

Do not forget to set the size to 640x480
[Image: postimage04.png]

If you have any questions, send me a PM  Smile Cool
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